What is your level of risk of theft?




Why is a security door necessary?

At the time of buying a Security Door we have to take into account that the main objective is to prevent the entry of people outside our home or business. Really what we are looking for is to put a physical barrier because they are not done with those things that belong to us.

Any door can be attacked, the higher the level of security the door has, the more time and noise it will cost the thief to enter. Therefore, we have to analyze what benefits an Armored Security Door gives us, as well as all the elements of the door: the number of locks or the number of hinges.

A thief, whether opportunistic or professional, will always look for the simplest door to open, the one that takes him less time and less noise possible. In this way we can think that the thief usually steals in a totally random way, that is, if he has no knowledge of the wealth he can find in one floor or another, in which he looks is at the door. Their biggest concern is that they won’t find out and that they may have a quick and quiet escape.

For this reason, the thief always acts on doors that are easy to open and in the case of having an Armored Door it is neither simple nor not very noisy.
With the techniques that exist today, such as Bumping or impressioning, all doors that are not protected against these techniques can be opened in 15 – 20 seconds. A security door resistant to a physical attack, but also prepared for all the theft techniques known today.

Therefore, the level of risk depends on the type of doors you have and the cylinder that operates the lock of this door. Wooden or armored doors are flimsy structure doors since their frames are made of wood and often carry a cylinder totally out of phase to all the techniques we know today (Cylinder Breakage, Cylinder Extraction, Drilling with Drill, Nightingale, Bumping and Impressioning) we are totally unprotected.

What theft methods are there?

The bumping consists of introducing into the cylinder of the lock an original key without cutting and manipulated in its handle and hitting it in order to make the pistons of the cylinder “dance”.
By which the attack technique is performed on the cylinder. The same lock can be more or less vulnerable seconds that cylinder is installed.

With the right tools they try to extract, break or drill the cylinder to be able to open the lock.

Manipulate manually with tools called hooks and created expressly for which, the internal locking systems of the bowler, in the same way as the key would do.

The impressioning method requires more time on the part of the thief since it has to be done in two phases:
The first phase consists of copying the key of a lock using a deformable aluminum sheet, which is modeled with small movements, to copy the notches of the cylinder creating a mold.
Then they make a copy of the key and this allows them to open the door, enter without noise and leaving the same trace.