Wall Safes



Musa Series offers exceptional value for money. Mainly designed for private use, it is an ideal and economical solution for all types of housing.

  • Door and frame 10mm thick
  • Continuous anti-leverage profile
  • Available with different opening systems
In the versions with electronic lock, they come equipped as standard with emergency key.


Vesta Series offers high safety standards.It is made of quality and reliable material.

  • Certified in S2 grade according to European regulations.
  • Removable door 10mm thick
  • Laser-cut frame and door
  • Manganese-base steel to protect the locks
  • Continuous anti-leverage profile
  • Available with different opening systems.


Lorica Piú Serie is certified against efraction in grade 0 according to EN 1143-1 regulation.
It is effective against efraction with disc tools, therefore making it unlikely to open with a frontal attack, even with professional cutting tools.
  • Removable door of 10mm
  • Double anti-perforation manganese plate for lock protection.
  • “Wing” Reinforced anchor system.
  • Interchangeable locks certified EN 1300.
  • High-quality velvet interior
  • Possibility of adding jewellery cases
  • Available with different opening systems.

High Security

Andromeda Serie is the only one of wall safes certified in level III according to the EN 1143-1 standard.

It allows to protect any type of object of value, handguns,
contracts, documents, etc.
  • Door 50mm thick.
  • Anti-tearing fixed crossbars inside the door
  • Manganese-based steel for the protection of mechanisms
  • Available with different opening systems.