Stairlifts and Accessibility

Stairlifts for an easier, more comfortable and safer life. Stairlifts, platforms and vertical lifts for total accessibility.


The perfect solution for single-family homes. With total safety and excellent quality, both materials and operation.
We have chairs for all types of facilities, both indoors and outdoors, that adapt to any staircase.

Stairlifts Platforms

Designed especially for wheelchair users and suitable for entrances to buildings commercial establishments that need it.
The platforms are foldable and adapt to all environments.

Vertical Elevators

We have elevators of little travel designed for communities of neighbors, elevators for private homes that work as a small elevator.
Invisible elevators for not affecting the decoration of the place where they are installed.

En Bucofi Grup también apostamos por la accesibildad, tanto dentro como fuera de su hogar, es por este motivo que somos punto de información y colaborador de Valida.