Security Alarms

In Bucofi Grup we offer the alarm service to protect your home, shops, offices and industry. An alarm tailor-made for all kinds of needs.


Private Houses

Alarm systems designed to protect, both when we are at home and when we are not. We have different levels of quality and sophistication, including video-analysis, capable of detecting small animals such as birds or cats, preventing the alarm from triggering unnecessarily.


Business Establishments

Countless solutions adapted to the different types of business to be protected. From sirens and silent warning buttons, window breakage detectors, access control for different users, to cameras that are immediately sent to the central office, in order to check for false alarms.


Industries and Offices

Solutions for all sizes of offices and industries, where, on many occasions, the distances or characteristics of the warehouse or building make safe wiring impossible. We install signal repeaters if necessary, to have absolute control. We also have wired systems when it is more convenient.


Alarm Receiving Center

A good alarm without a quality receiving center that provides good service and security does not make any sense.That is why we have chosen one of the best plants in Catalonia, with more than 25 years of experience.