Safes of all of types suitables for homes, hotels and companies. Wether they are fireproof safes and security homologated cabinets  and wall safes.

The advantage of wall safes is that they are more difficult to subtract because all sides are protected except for the face that woman to the access door.
We have a wide range and variety of aperture type because you can choose the one that suits you best.

They don’t need work for their installation, are simply either fixed to a support, for example inside the cabinet, or camouflaged in drawers and other places.

From small flow boxes to store in a drawer, to large cabinets of a meter and a half in height.

Safes certified in grade I and III. An object that combines design and security, for great protection.
The simplicity of the shapes, and the refinement of the finish, give these safes a charming elegance.
Exclusive gamma of wooden covered safes, characterized by their classic or modern furniture design.
Boxes adaptable to different environments, thanks to their handmade finishes and with the security of an armored safe.
Safes with the highest security levels manufactured today in Europe.
All our products are tested and certified independently, according to European standards by internationally recognized certification institutions.

Safes ideal for commercial activities. With a slot / tank to speed up the entry and exit of flows.

We have from small safes of flows to store in a drawer, to large cabinets of a meter and a half in height.

We have a wide range of certified safes, with all security levels. 

Safes that comply with the European standard UNEIX EN 1143-1, and also with the corresponding certification by AENOR.

Safes easily hidden on the wall and/or floor, designed to hide small objects.
Our camouflaged safety deposit boxes have great quality and confidence, since it is a product manufactured in Europe.

Security and homologated cabinets, fireproof with a wide range of models.

Designed cabinets for the protection of different kind of documents or products, with variety of designs and sizes.

Fireproof Safes to protect from fire all kinds of documentation, money and various objects of value.

Ideals for the protection of important documents and dangerous products. We also have a wide range of fireproof safes.