Premium Hidden Hinge



The Premium Security Door is a door that seeks minimalist interior design. With lines without external hinges, it has a very fine interior image. The door has hinges hidden in the frame that give an appearance of luxury and quality that enhances on its own.
The premium door maintains all the features of a Grade 3 Armored Security door, that is, we are talking about an armored door certified with efraction.
The system in the sphere of the hidden hinge makes them work more smoothly and their operation is very fine. This hinge incorporated into the door makes security and resistance increase since it is not in sight of a possible thief.


  • Structural steel armor in double sheet of 0.8 mm (Exterior and Interior)
  • 5 Horizontal Omegas
  • 1 Transverse Nerve 1.5 mm thick
  • L-shaped upper and lower perimeter reinforcements.
  • O-shaped bolts.
  • High gamma cylinder Certified according to UNI EN 1303 with 5 keys with uncopiable profile.
  • Anti Bumping, Anti extraction and anti-drill.
  • Mathematical pythons, active and passive.
  • With flared steel protector of 50 mm in diameter.
  • Manganese steel plate on the front lock.
  • Steel balls and inner pines.
  • It has 2 triple locks and 3 bolts 18 diameter x 130 mm.