Pivoting Door



The LUXDOOR Pivoting door is a door designed to meet all possible design and modernity expectations. It is always manufactured to comply with any type of architectural project.

Its elegance, technology, safety and quality in its finishes make the LUXDOOR door an unusual door. It is a security door, that is, at no time do we leave aside security to look at the elegance of the door.

It is very important for us that every detail of this door is what you want at home since we are talking about a door totally made to mesure and customize.


  • It is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology with which we can get doors 3 meters high and two meters wide with a fully robotic process and with materials of the highest quality.
  • Operation of the door totally easy to open and close thanks to the work of the engineers in the factory.
  • 13 closing points, 4 on the pivot and 9 next to the closing
  • Stainless steel frame and corner.
  • Solid structure of electrozinized steel, with sheet metal to the outside.
  • 5 Vertical Omegas.
  • Automatic windbreaker applied to the top and bottom, preventing the entry of air, dust and light.
  • Efficient efraction protection safety systems.
  • Fully customizable with different accessories.
  • The Luxdoor Pivoting Door can be equipped with -Tech fingerprint closure or electronic code.