Locking Systems

standard Lock


The Standard lock is a high security lock for cylinder with traditional system of movement and advance of the locks with two key turns.

Plus lock

The Plus lock is a high security lock with internal gear that allows an opening and closing with the softest and quietest key.
This lock is recommended to people with little ability to exert themselves.

multifunction plus lock

The Plus Multifunction lock has double cylinder.
The main functionality of this lock is to be able to give access, through an auxiliary key, to anyone that the owner decides. This will only have to leave the second cylinder open or closed.

electronic lock


The Electronic lock provides numerous features:

  • Automatic opening and closing.
  • Comfort by not having to need a password.
  • Intelligent access control.
  • Electronic and mechanical use, which always guarantees the opening of the door in the event of an error in the feeding.
  • Maximum safety closure (grade 7) certified for resistance to efraction.

Different types of opening electronic locks:


Outdoor Keyboard

Opening the electronic door by means of a PIN code (from 4 to 14 characters) and also through the use of the transponder card.


Transponder Card

We have 3 programming cards (red) and 3 user cards (blue).


Mobile Key

You can open the door with your smartphone, it has a range of up to 10 meters as a remote control. You can also enter with limited access PIN codes. Registration of entries and movements.


Display 3 in 1

Integrates the opening by keyboard, card and fingerprint. The user will be able to choose the opening method.


Home automation

The lock incorporates a multifunction cable that will allow connection with the network, the alarm and the home automation system of the house.