Grado 5 Antivandálica



The grade 5 vandal-proof door is a door certified according to the UNE EN 1627 standard of resistance to efraction and bulletproof level FB2 or FB3 according to the UNE-EN 1622 standard certified by the company AENOR.
It is recommended mainly for companies that have the obligation by regulation to have doors of this type such as Jewelry stores, security companies, alarm centers, armouries or government establishments. We can also recommend it for very particular cases for high-class single-family homes with very short occupancy periods.


  • Special opaque armor with a sheet tested and certified BR2 according to the UNE 108132 and 108132:M1 standard. It is mandatory for the structural armor of the door and especially to reinforce the perimeter armor of the box enclosures that are mandatory in certain businesses.
  • Multifunction closure 3+5 not gear.
  • Marc of reinforced steel.
  • 5 Bolts.
  • High gamma cylinder Certified according to UNI EN 1303 uncopiable.
  • Anti Bumping, Anti extraction and anti-drill.
  • Mathematical pythons, active and passive.
  • Reinforced bulletproof armor FB2 or FB3.
  • Manganese steel plate on the front lock.