Grade 4



The Grade 4 Safety door responds in class 4 according to the European standard UNE-EN 1627 in reference to the resistance to efraction certified by the company AENOR. Our doors far exceed the requirements demanded by the regulations in case of a physical attack and on the other hand, the thermal and acoustic insulation that is required to pass the tests because they provide comfort.
It is mainly indicated for residential areas or isolated houses of medium / upper class regardless of neighbors, that is, with a low density of people.


  • Structural armor of steel in double sheet of 0.8 mm (Exterior and Interior).
  • 5 Horizontal Omegas.
  • 1 Transverse nerve 1.5 mm thick.
  • L-shaped upper and lower perimeter reinforcements.
  • Type O bolts.
  • High gamma cylinder Certified according to UNI EN 1303 with 5 keys with uncopiable profile.
  • Anti Bumping, Anti extraction, anti-hook and anti-drill.
  • Mathematical pythons, active and passive.
  • With flared steel protector of 50 mm diameter of grade 4 UNE EN 1906.
  • Manganese steel plate on the front lock.
  • Steel balls and inner pines.
  • It has 2 triple locks and 3 bolts 18 diameter x 130 mm.