Camouflaged Safes



Safe to embed the last wall of a socket base, thus being completely camouflaged.
It is ideal for small household valuables. It is adaptable to most plugs of the main brands.
  • 5 drawers with carpeting to protect objects.
  • Double plug socket cover 82 Simon series (white colour) ateched by magnets.
  • Stainless steel 1 mm thick.


Safe for recessed on land. Designed with circular stainless steel door.
Ideal for the custody of objects of great value. With waterproof lid (optional) prevents the entry of water, to protect documents and paper money.
  • 40-mm thick stainless steel door and 160 mm diameter.
  • 2,5 mm. thick steel safe with its 10 mm. thick top cover.
  • Non-slump keylock.
  • External cover.
  • Steel frame for the concrete.