Electronic Locks

Electronic locks for the control of physical access to premises, clubs, factories, shops, venues and individuals. Advice and facilities.


Intelligent access control. Argo is the ideal solution for access control in the residential area, small businesses (small businesses and offices, professional studios, shops), and holiday rentals or B&B (Bed & Breakfast).
With your smartphone and Argo App, you can open and manage the access to the doors that have installed the ISEO devices of the Smart series. Smartphones, cards, hashtags and PIN codes can be added or removed as opening credentials, assigning them the validity and required time slots.


The Aries electronic plate hand can be installed on a large part of the existing doors in the trade.
Thanks to its configuration, it can be combined with most mechanical locks, offering maximum installation flexibility.


Libra is ISEO’s innovative system. The built-in credential reader allows you to use different devices for access management such as cards, RFID TAG (radio frequency) and mobile phones.
Thanks to its patented automatic wake up system, it detects the proximity of the opening devices and activates the reading of credentials, with a low consumption at rest.


Open the door just by approaching it without traditional keys, only with an “electronic code” generated by a personal thistle.
The X1R electronic locks are interchangeable with the standard dimensions of the usual mechanical locks, they have the same accessories and the same electrical connections necessary, both in the realization of the door and in the phase of its placement.


The Stylos range includes a number of products that form a complete and modular solution for off-line access control: Credential readers, actuators, feeders and cards and tags.
The base range of credential readers consists of a combination of multistandard card readers and contactless tags, numeric keypad and graphic display (PAD).

Thesis 2.0

Thesis 2.0 can transform a simple door into an intelligent entrance and, thanks to its features, makes it safer and more functional.
We consider, for example, a residential entrance with community access. Fundamental condition: always safe passage and access reserved for residents and authorized persons.