Portrisa’s Ballistic Gate has a military-grade fiber bulletproof panel built with Kevlar. These panels of this material together with a structure of an armored door make a door really with a ballistic armor.

This armor can be used especially in cases of attacks with firearms either in banks, specialized offices, bookmakers, sale of gold or doors for shelters or panic rooms in private homes.

The doors are tested and certified in the EN 1522 levels FB4 and FSG standards. These levels encompass all major pistols and shotguns. There is also an option that is tested in EN 1522 level FB6, where we will find all the weapons of war caliber as assault rifles.

ballistic magnum fb4

Tested and certified EN1522 at FB4 and FSG level. This level includes the following weapons:

  • .357 Desert Eagle
  • 9 mm Glock 19
  • .44 Smith & Wesson
  • 12 gauge Beretta

ballistic nato fb6

Tested and certified EN1522 at level FB6 and FSG. this level includes the calibers of weapons of war and assault weapons:

  • AK47 Kalashnikov
  • AR15
  • M16
  • M80