Arregui Parcel Mailboxes and Amazon Key make the perfect tandem to receive packages in your community.


BUCOFIGRUP and ARREGUI offer you FREE access control to AMAZON KEY* portals by purchasing the PARCEL MAILBOXES for your community.

We install the parcel mailboxes from only € 65 / month

*Includes device, installation and maintenance. Installation subject to approval by Amazon


Fast and easy deliveries

Amazon couriers have access to the building only once to deliver the package using the Amazon Key opening system.

Smart and secure

Couriers access your building with total security, Amazon’s real-time authentication system, ensures and verifies the delivery person’s entry only for the delivery of the package.


Free of charge

The Amazon Key appliance fits perfectly into the current input system.
Device, installation and maintenance are free.*

How does it work?

Amazon installs a smart device that integrates with your building’s existing access system to make Amazon deliveries. Once installed, the delivery person has access through the Amazon Key app to your building, of limited duration and secure to leave the packages to the location desired by the client.


The delivery person requests access through the Amazon delivery app


Amazon confirms the route, delivery person ID and the time in real time


Verification done, delivery person receives access for limited time


Leaves the packages to the relevant location and leaves the building

Are you a community of neighbors and interested in Parcel Mailboxes and Amazon Key access control?

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